Friday, December 11, 2009

Fröhliche Weihnachten! A Very Mengele Christmas Tree!

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Ho Ho Ho!! These are my last offerings of the year!
This minotaur painting is called "Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said"

And this one is called "Novelty Act"

My paintings are consistently going up higher in value so here's a
chance to snap up these at a real bargain!
I also worked on a collaboration with Margaret Blanchett, my agent called it "A Tree for the Dead" but I like to call it "A Very Mengele Christmas Tree".
I'm very happy with the collaboration and the way it turned out.

In any case, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christian Mengele

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This painting is part of my Philip K. Dick series, art inspired by my favourite author of all time. In spite of its taking the title of a particular novel, this painting is also inspired by UBIK and some of his short stories.

Now for sale on at

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This painting is titled Human Experimentation. It's ultimately about relationships. I haven't been updating the blog because I have been investing too much time in taking care of my health and fitness goals. But I was inspired to create this after some deep conversations with friends. I'll be going away for Christmas, and need to create a few more pieces before leaving so people can buy some of my art as Christmas gifts...this painting is now on eBay. My agent has it up for 21 million dollars but I think she will entertain an offer.

SOLD 11/21/2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A new painting in the ever-popular square format!

A lot of people collect mermaid paintings. I think mermaids are a silly idea what with their impossible anatomy yet the legends about them, including Ulysses and the Sirens, are fascinating. I doubt a human could get laid with a mermaid unless the writers cheated like in Splash and Little Mermaid and allowed the character to develop legs. This painting actually takes a cue from the infamous Fiji Mermaid presented for years by P.T. Barnum. The title comes yet another Jose (there's an accent on that "e" but I'll be darned if I'm going to look for the right freakin' key combination to type it) Mojica Marins "Coffin Joe" movie, "At Midnight I Will Drag Away Your Soul" (A Meia Noite Levarei A Sua Alma).
I did often wonder, why at midnight? Why not drag it away now and be done with it? I guess it's a better title than "i think i might as well drag away your soul right now since i got nothing better to do and i wanna be home at midnight".
Now for sale on eBay at

Sunday, October 18, 2009


The Day of the Dead is coming and this painting blends my usual style with traditional mexican folk art "sugar skulls". This piece is entitled "ESTA NOITE ENCARNAREI NO TEU CADAVER" (Tonight I Will Incarnate in your Cadaver"") after the movie by Brazilian director José Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe/Zé do Caixão).
The importance of this work is that it's my first sugar skull painting. I loved the end result and might do another eventually but this is the first and if you want to collect it you'll have to go to eBay. Here's your link:

Saturday, October 17, 2009


"Muscle Appreciation" is now on auction on eBay starting at a mere penny!
This was actually the concept that later became the painting "Girl Likes Muscles". I decided to flesh out the original a bit and I liked the way it turned out. I used some iridescent gold paint with extra gold pigment powder and that doesn't show very well on the photo. It looks great in real life and this is a must-have!
On ebay at

Friday, October 16, 2009

Warrior Spirit

Dakkster: The Warrior Spirit of Halmstad! My latest painting is being auctioned off on eBay starting at a one penny. No excuse not to bid now! ;-) This painting is about that fighting spirit that can overcome any amount of obstacles even when the body is week. It celebrates unbending integrity and an exhilarating passion. Dakka, or as he is known in Scandinavia nowadays, Dakkster, is the symbol of ultimate human heroism, nobility, strength and INTEGRITY.

Available here:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Canvas prints for auction!

We are selling actual CANVAS GICLEE PRINTS of my paintings on eBay! See all available listings here:

Prints on textured Canvas look exquisite, beautiful, impressive and elegant. Canvas Prints do not need to be framed with protective glass so the image can be seen clearly without bothersome glares. The natural texture of the canvas gives to the print the look and feel of an original painting. Also, Canvas Prints are tougher and far more durable than paper prints. These prints are being auctioned starting at one penny each!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I just wanted to say I'm now being represented by agent and artist Heather Galler and she's starting to list a small selection of my paintings on eBay! I'm very excited about being represented by someone with her connections and fame, and to start off we're auctioning this HUGE painting starting at ONE PENNY!

I think it's great that she's now dealing my paintings and you can expect a lot more people will be collecting from now on! Heather is an amazing woman and I am very grateful for all she's doing for my art career!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Management Coming Soon

Hi all, as most of you know my eBay sales are managed by my artist friend and manager Maggie Blanchett. Well, this will be changing over this week as both she and I are going to start being managed by a bigger agent! :o) This is an exciting move for me, so after all my current items sell on eBay, it will be time to start selling for more money elsewhere.

The point of this post is that I have three paintings still for sale on eBay. I would suggest to my collectors to buy them now while they're still inexpensive because, with all the publicity I'll be getting it's possible you won't be seeing low prices like these on my art. So here's the link to Maggie's eBay store:
For some last minute shopping. These will be the last paintings of mine sold on there and I hope they go to deserving homes. I also have a signed print with COA for sale, it's currently at $10. The regular price is $50.
As they say, good luck and happy bidding! :o)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girl Likes Muscle

Maybe not all women are turned on by muscular guys but the one on this painting definitely is. ;-) This painting is very intense and vibrant and I think it needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. The photos don't do it justice, I think this is one of the most colourful paintings I've ever made. Note to collectors: I rarely place feminine figures on my paintings with so much prominence. I think this makes the painting a rarity.

On sale now at eBay!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Den Osynlige
The 2002 swedish movie 'The Invisible' (Den Osynlige) was simply amazing in my opinion. This painting was made right after watching it. Some of it was inspired by the scene where Niklas gets visited by the sparrow spirit. I can't recommend the american remake, which in my opinion not only was poorly acted but robbed the original of its relevance and greater spiritual meaning.
It was a recommendation from my best friend, who I miss dearly..hope he will come back soon. :(

On auction at eBay.

Friday, September 11, 2009


NEW painting on eBay starting at ONE PENNY!!!

This painting is actually based on a funny story a friend told me about tourists being incredibly rude and ticking off the locals in Denmark. The revenge of the locals was to stick fish inside the bags and cars of random tourists when they weren't looking. I don't know if it's true but it inspired me to do this.

I decided to have my manager auction this starting at one cent. I just think it would be nice to have some affordable art out there.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

THE ECONOMY PART I: A Painting for a penny!

Hey everyone! The world economy is going down the drain and to "celebrate" I have asked my agent to sell my latest on eBay starting at ONE PENNY with NO RESERVE! If you ever wanted a Christian Mengele painting but thought you could never afford one, well, thanks to this economy now you can! ;-) "The Economy Part 1" is acrylic, enamel paint and oil paintstick on a 30x40 inches deep gallery wrapped canvas!

For sale at

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm a strong believer in laissez-faire capitalism and the free market. My presidential candidate was Ron Paul. As I see the world foolishly embracing the evil of socialism, this painting demands less government interference and the return of individual rights. In other words, the true American value of LIBERTY.

This new 30"x40"work will be up on ebay starting 6:45PM tonight. See it at

Friday, August 14, 2009


Stockholm! Land of meatballs and that syndrome thing! Beautiful archipelago city in beautiful SWEDEN! This painting is a tribute to the city and to my great friend who once had a love in Stockholm...He's actually from Halmstad. This painting ships FREE to Sweden, Europe and the USA!

See if you can spot Nils Holgersson ;-)

Now on eBay at this link:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Will to Power

Der Wille zur Macht is ein Gedanke Friedrich Nietzsches, der von ihm zum ersten Mal in Also sprach Zarathustra vorgestellt und in allen nachfolgenden Büchern zumindest am Rande erwähnt wird. Seine Anfänge liegen in den psychologischen Analysen des menschlichen Machtwillens in der Aphorismensammlung Morgenröte. Nietzsche führte ihn in seinen nachgelassenen Notizbüchern ab etwa 1885 umfassender aus.

The latest entry in my Nietzschean series. The Will to Power is a reference to the idea of Friedrich Nietzsche, which first appeared in Also Spake Zarathustra, and all his subsequent works.
The will to power describes what Nietzsche believed to be the main driving force in man; achievement, ambition, the striving to reach the highest possible position in life, these are all manifestations of the will to power. This painting is influenced by this concept, although I personally disagree with the use of power to dominate others. I believe that those who seek nothing but power over others are in reality enslaving themselves and living life second-hand.

On ebay now:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pork Chop Sandwiches

"PORK CHOP SANDWICHES" celebrates classic cinema and jazz, and is a joyful tribute to such great directors as Frank Capra, Elia Kazan, Howard Hawks, John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, and the greatest of them all, Orson Welles. It presents you with a glimpse into an era long gone, a golden age which will never return.

Update: SOLD!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Sense of Life!

The cerebral explanation is that a sense of life is a pre-conceptual equivalent of metaphysics, an emotional, subconsciously integrated appraisal of man and of existence. Life is the highest possible value a man can hold, and living that life the best he can is the only moral course.

"But neither life nor happiness can be achieved by the pursuit of irrational whims. Just as man is free to attempt to survive in any random manner, but will perish unless he lives as his nature requires, so he is free to seek his happiness in any mindless fraud, but the torture of frustration is all he will find, unless he seeks the happiness proper to man. The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live." - John Galt's Speech (by Ayn Rand)

This painting celebrates man's heroic pursuit of true happiness in life.

UPDATE 8/5/2009: SOLD!

Monday, July 20, 2009


"Beyond Good and Evil" is a work by Friedrich Nietzsche, first published in 1886. I do not agree with many of his points in the book but I understand its literary importance. I made this painting with this volume in mind. I had already painted 'The Noble Soul' inspired by Nietzsche and now I complement the work with 'Beyond Good and evil'.
There are many Nietzschean themes in this painting, I'll let the viewer find and interpret them. One of my favourite novels, "The Fountainhead", borrowed a lot from Nietszche, without totally buying into his views. Nevertheless, the influence was there and I felt the need to explore it.

Painting is 36x48, on auction at eBay this week with free shipping to the USA and Europe.

Jeff Hughart and I have spoken of doing a collaborative work. I look forward to this. I'm a big admirer of his work, which can be seen at We don't know when it will happen, but it will happen.

UPDATE: 7/30/2009 SOLD!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Virtue of Selfishness

The Virtue of Selfishness is now up for auction on eBay with FREE international shipping. It's a statement against mindless collectivism and mob mentality. We are all unique individuals but for some reason society tries very hard to make us all the same. These days the words "altruism" and "selflessness" have acquired a positive meaning which, in their original form, they could never deserve. Altruism, selflessness and self-sacrifice are immoral and destructive. They were the principles behind communism and fascism. Of course, for selfishness to be a virtue it must be a moral selfishness, not petty immature selfishness. The exact meaning of selfishness must be understood as "concern with one's own interests". A virtue should secure and protect one's own rights and values, therefore selfishness is a virtue.
I just would like to make a distinction: Immoral Selfishness would be a regard to your own welfare to the disregard of the welfare others. That has become the most widely used form of the term "selfishness" and is not the point of this painting.

*UPDATED 7/14/2009* SOLD

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sculpture on Hold

I'm putting my sculpture on hold because I haven't worked on anything else at all this month. KING LEONIDAS is up on auction at discount. I need to start making new paintings.

I've put aside my plastic sculpture until august and I'm feeling inspired to do some big canvases this coming month, so watch this space. I'm sorry I haven't blogged much but I got engulfed by my sculpture project and obsessed over it exclusively. I had to pull myself away from it. It was just too much. I never expected it to be this much work.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tribute to Michel Legrand

Took a break from my sculpture to work on a couple small paintings, I made this one while listening to 'Les Demoiselles de Rochefort', my favourite soundtrack. Michel Legrand inspired this painting and when I was young, I was a little like Maxence from the Jacques Demy movie. I think Legrand outdid himself in 'Rochefort', surpassing even his score for 'Parapluies de Cherbourg'.."MICHEL LEGRAND" is now on eBay.

My sculpture is progressing slowly. The base material is plastic, so much care is taken in cutting perfect circles and chamfering edges. I think it will surprise many people when it's ready.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy some Weldon-3 glue to start putting some pieces together. This sculpture is taking up a LOT of my time because I want to get it just right. I'll have Maggie put it on eBay when it's ready, but it won't be cheap. It represents a lot of work.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


I apologise for the lack of updates. I am currently involved in a sculpture project and the level of detail makes it very involved. I estimate the sculpture will be done in over one month, which is when I will be back to painting full time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yume wo oikakete subete ga kawaru......

Time flies. I can't stop time, I just wish I could. It keeps moving forward at a head-spinning pace.
I dreamed of heaven the other night. Beautiful place. As I flew through the skies at night I could see it, golden towers and skyscrapers, houses, roads, everything made of golden light and embedded in the clouds. Several such "islands". And wind went through me instead of hitting my body. There was no real Earth, there was just this mass of clouds, and stars above.

I think some people's idea of heaven must include living in really tall skyscrapers, because I can't see any other reason for putting some in Heaven. I personally wouldn't put that there. I hate living in buildings.

I started a small painting, I think 18x18. I'll put it up on eBay this week. I just wanted to make something a little more affordable for those who'd like to buy a painting but can't afford the $5000 stuff. More on this when I'm finished.

Okay, I made a mix tape. I'm posting it because maybe people wonder what I listen to ;-)

  1. Se piangi, se ridi - Bobby Solo
  2. Non son degno di te - Gianni Morandi
  3. Io Ti Daro Di Piu - Ornella Vanoni
  4. Come te non c'e nessuno - Rita Pavone
  5. Cosa Vuoi Da Me - Michele
  6. Tanta Voglia Di Lei - I Pooh
  7. Ti amo - Umberto Tozzi
  8. Canzone per te - Sergio Endrigo
  9. Io Che Non Vivo - Jimmy Fontana
  10. Nessuno Mi Puo Giudicare - Caterina Caselli
  11. L'uomo che non sapeva amare - nico Fidenco
  12. Piangi con me - The Rokes
  13. Le Colline Sono in Fiore - Gigliola Cinquetti
  14. Bella senz'anima - Ricardo Cocciante
I'm also enjoying immensely this album by Kitty Hoff

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A friend of mine sent me a bunch of photos of Halmstad and I thought it looked great. I began to wonder what it would be like there at night. I really miss Europe. Anyway, I started playing some Kitty Hoff jazzy vocals and seeing where the mood took me. This is a case of my painting over an entire painting that wasn't working and creating something I was finally happy with. I've had Maggie put it for sale on inventory here.

I see a bit of Alex Grey in this. It was completely unintentional. It also has references to "Atlas Shrugged", one of the most important literary works in the history of mankind.

Today I finished writing my second book. I'm very happy with it, though I know it needs a lot of editing. In some ways I think it is better than the first.

I ordered a new hard drive for my iMac. I've been looking into how to upgrade it myself, and I think Apple has gone delusional. It's almost as hard as brain surgery. The inside is actually wrapped in some sort of tin foil like a tv dinner. There's a temperature sensor GLUED in place on the hard drive. It's not designed for people who like upgrading.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Art: The Better Idea

So this last Wednesday I get informed by my friend and manager Maggie that a tv production company from Quebec (that's in Canada for those of you who never heard of it) wants to come interview me en Français for this show they are doing (yes I speak french fluently). As usual I got excited because, you know, I like being on tv to show off my paintings and talk about Neo-expressionism in general. And as usual I was disappointed. I get contacted by the media quite often, at least once every three or four months and usually they only want to talk about something which I have no interest in talking about. They are doing a disservice by not paying attention to the future. All I can say to anyone in the media is, either contact me about my art or leave me alone.

Anyway, moving right along, my latest piece is looking interesting. It should be ready by middle of next week, possibly earlier. The problem is I want to experiment with more texture as I feel my creative process is evolving. I'm looking forward to finishing this.

I've put King Leonidas back on eBay:
It had a lot of watchers last time and I have a particular love for that piece. I want it to go to someone who understands the values it extolls.

And the best news of the week: My Navigator is FINALLY fixed! Thank the LORD!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Noble Soul

Just finished my latest painting, "The Noble Soul". I used a technique I've only rarely used before with this latest piece and I'll be posting a photo of it tomorrow. I'm glad I was able to work on this painting because I'm going stir crazy most days and I needed to do this.  

There is no need to be alive except for living life the most fulfilling way you can. This is my view anyway. However, this is not to say that I'm a hedonist. There is a difference between living meaningfully, and living to satisfy animal urges. A hedonist is not motivated by a desire to live his own human life, but by a wish to live on a sub-human level. This explains why so many insanely rich people find no happiness in life. I cannot live without happiness, and no man can be happy without true fulfillment of his soul.

I had used, in this painting,  a quotation which I removed completely and now lies under layers of acrylics, enamel and oil pastels. I removed it because of my disagreement with the philosophy of its author, Friedrich Nietzsche. 

Philosophically, Nietzsche is a mystic and an irrationalist.His metaphysics consists of a somewhat “Byronic” and mystically “malevolent” universe; his epistemology subordinates reason to “will,” or feeling or instinct or blood or innate virtues of character. But, as a poet, he projects at times (not consistently) a magnificent feeling for man’s greatness, expressed in emotional, not intellectual, terms.

This is especially true of the quotation I had chosen. I could not endorse its literal meaning: it proclaims an indefensible tenet—psychological determinism. But if one takes it as a poetic projection of an emotional experience (and if, intellectually, one substitutes the concept of an acquired “basic premise” for the concept of an innate “fundamental certainty”), then that quotation communicates the inner state of an exalted self-esteem—and sums up the emotional consequences for which The Fountainhead provides the rational, philosophical base:

    “It is not the works, but the belief which is here decisive and determines the order of rank—to employ once more an old religious formula with a new and deeper meaning,—it is some fundamental certainty which a noble soul has about itself, something which is not to be sought, is not to be found, and perhaps, also, is not to be lost.—The noble soul has reverence for itself.—” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.)

This view of man has rarely been expressed in human history. Today, it is virtually non-existent. Yet this is the view with which—in various degrees of longing, wistfulness, passion and agonized confusion—the best of mankind’s youth start out in life. It is not even a view, for most of them, but a foggy, groping, undefined sense made of raw pain and incommunicable happiness. It is a sense of enormous expectation, the sense that one’s life is important, that great achievements are within one’s capacity, and that great things lie ahead.

It is not in the nature of man—nor of any living entity—to start out by giving up, by spitting in one’s own face and damning existence; that requires a process of corruption, whose rapidity differs from man to man. Some give up at the first touch of pressure; some sell out; some run down by imperceptible degrees and lose their fire, never knowing when or how they lost it. Then all of these vanish in the vast swamp of their elders who tell them persistently that maturity consists of abandoning one’s mind; security, of abandoning one’s values; practicality, of losing self-esteem. Yet a few hold on and move on, knowing that that fire is not to be betrayed, learning how to give it shape, purpose and reality. But whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men seek a noble vision of man’s nature and of life’s potential.

Monday, April 6, 2009


This is the painting I've been meaning to photograph. It's fairly minimalistic but what I really care about is how good it looks on the wall. The painting, entitled "Sucralose", was photographed under harsh sunlight so there is a little bit of glare. 

This painting is all about composition and the colour scheme is so simple yet it will match many different decorative styles and wall colours. I will probably sell it at an unusually low price to see if this style pleases my collectors.

I spoke to the representative at Arnott today and he explained I don't need to buy front shocks for my Navigator. Apparently there are springs within the existing front air suspension. He said I just need to have my mechanic deflate them and adjust the torsion. My conversion kit should arrive wednesday, I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My days and nights are mixed up again. Oddly enough I get the most creative at night. I think this is common. It's also not the best thing in my case because I have SO many ideas, not just for paintings but short stories and movie all plays at the same time. The worst problem is I'm really a slow typist. My mind races through ideas way faster than I can write them down.  So, too much creativity ends up being too much not done. ;-)

I have a painting that needs some fixing, I thought I'd get it photographed but this ended up not happening. That is because I needed some matte medium and spray fixative to repair it first, and since my car is not fixed I can't go out to buy any. I intend to walk a few miles tomorrow to buy that. In a way, not having the car is making me walk a lot. I ordered a conversion kit for the air suspension, it should be here a week from today. Then I just need to pay the mechanic to install it. I ordered the Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension to Springs conversion kit from Arnott. Cost me $250 because I only bought the rear kit. The front shocks are working fine, it seems. 

I can't sleep tonight, I ran out of Tylenol PMs, so I might end up being up all night. Too bad Thomas isn't on MSN, he lives in Sweden so he'd be up and we could have a nice conversation.

I've been watching Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and really enjoying some of the concepts in the show, especially when the subject is quantum mechanics and the time travel theories. In one episode they decide not to change history simply because they can't be sure which theory is right, the multiple worlds theory or the linear time theory. The end result was that the whole thing is a predestined paradox, meaning that they didn't change time because they were meant to come into the past and do what they did. Wish it had more episodes like that, but the low budget must have made that difficult. One character named Trance reminds me of an old friend of mine, and was likely inspired by Philip K Dick's "The Golden Man". I made a painting based on that story once. 

I lost my entire PKD book collection in the move. I hate hate HATE buying the same things over and over again, but oh well. Once my car tribulations are over I'll start buying the books again...for like the third or fourth time. 

Saturday, March 28, 2009


This piece took me a long time to finish, because it seemed to be missing a central theme. Not every painting needs one, but this one did. There are a few layers to this painting, because of my adjustments. But I'm satisfied with the results. 

In my description, I say "This painting is about facing unsurmountable odds, the best that you can and believing in yourself. In the end, you'll be remembered for your courage and your enemies for their weakness. This piece contains, among other things, a few references to the battle of Thermopylae, where King Leonidas and a number of Spartans, generally accepted as 300, fought off thousands of persians under the command of King Xerxes."

It's not quite out of my system just yet. ;-) I'm also finishing up a simple composition now, somewhat minimalist and that painting will be photographed and probably uploaded tomorrow. THERMOPYLAE will be for sale on eBay tomorrow, just follow this link after 7PM PST.

On other fronts, my Navigator is still in the shop. It's been stressing me out to the point that I was up until 4AM last night. They were supposed to call me today, but I guess I won't hear from them until monday. I've already looked into replacing the air ride with a coil conversion kit from either Arnott or Strutmasters. Strutmasters seems cheaper. We'll see. I am still blindly hoping it's the relay. 

Also: Watched "Savior" (1997). Amazing performance by Dennis Quaid. Very violent in parts yet very beautiful and sad with a message of hope. Not typical Oliver Stone. I could identify with Quaid's character and the movie did not sacrifice one ounce of believability to satisfy conventional movie formulas. Highly recommend if you can endure some pain.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I listen to a lot of different music while painting, and sometimes the track I'm listening to influences the images beyond expectation. Such was the case with Louis Armstrong's "Mack The Knife", recorded in 1956. I have learned that it was he who, while improvising, immortalised the name of Lotte Lenya in the lyrics. Brilliant!

As I listened to the song I thought of not only Satchmo's performance in that studio in 1956 but also of the story he was telling. My favourite version of the Brecht play "Threepenny Opera" is "A Opera Do Malandro" by brazilian master wordsmith Chico Buarque, but the versions by Armstrong and later Bobby Darin are my favourite recordings of Mack the Knife.

Enjoy this painting, now for sale on eBay.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

King Leonidas

Today I bring you "King Leonidas".  Anyone who watched "300" and "Meet the Spartans" can see that Leonidas is a mythical archetype of what a man should be like.  The 40x30 painting can be purchased here. I might have prints made, I really like this one.

This painting is about celebrating strength and masculinity. It's about being a man. I don't know why being a real man is looked down upon nowadays and demonised by the over-sensitive mainstream media. A real man is not just a war-mongering violent stereotype. Any fool can build up strength, but it takes heart and wisdom to be a real man. Ultimately a real man is one who makes sacrifices for his family and provides for his wife and children the best way he can, without neglecting them. In the old days of Sparta this was celebrated and men were held to high standards. So this painting is for the King Leonidas in you, because when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Or goes antiquing, if they're so inclined. ;-)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Return of King Minotaur

I've finally received the archival prints for KING MINOTAUR and they're beautiful! To celebrate, I've put one up on Etsy and one up on eBay. The eBay one is slightly cheaper but it's on auction for 10 days. 

KING MINOTAUR - the original painting - came in a wave of inspiration during my 8 month exile last year. I was very satisfied with the painting but even more interesting was the effect it had on my collectors. It sold on auction and ever since, I've had people ask me if I would sell them prints of the painting. It's simple yet raw, colourful yet masculine, stylised and gritty. I knew it had to be the first one I'd have made into prints.

Looking at them now I can tell this was definitely a great choice. The matte prints look beautiful!

Today I started a new underpainting. Let's see where that will lead. This morning I had to carry a very large and heavy painting to the UPS store by hand since I still have not fixed the Navigator. I should have named that car "Christine" like Stephen King's literary creation.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Curse of the Navigator

The expense of repairing my car will keep me from acquiring art supplies I somewhat need to keep going. I'm not kidding when I say moving back to LA in February cost me every penny I made in the last 6 months. But I'm glad to be back, I just need to start networking with the local galleries again and try to move some inventory.  And also I have a few digital art supplies to buy as well. I'm looking forward to a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and an oversized scanner. Maggie is working on our children's book at the moment and she has a decade of experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc. and  I think the mixture of traditional illustration and digital art will look really good. I read a children's book online not long ago named "Alena" and while the illustrations were really good, they would have looked even better if the illustrator had actually illustrated by hand instead of relying so much on digital tools. A good example of compromise is the work of John Nez, right now my favourite children's books illustrator. He utilises traditional methods and digital art and I'm very impressed with the results. 
Anyway, what happened to my car was that the air suspension stopped working. I suspected it might just be the relay, but I might end up having to repair the entire suspension because when it stopped working I was miles from home. So I drove all the way home banging up and down on the axels. Not good, considering the size of the Navigator. I miss the Miata at times but there was no way to carry around large canvases in that. 
Currently on eBay I have the painting "The Big Snit", which I post on this entry. It's named after the Richard Condie film of the same name. I love Condie's work and have probably seen his entire filmography by now. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So today I finally added an item to my Etsy account at a great discount to see what sort of attention it brings. I've been told that the clientele is a lot different from eBay. We'll see what happens.

The painting I chose for Etsy is one called "Gold Standard". As sometimes is the case with my paintings I've decided to juxtapose very adult political themes to very child-like themes. This painting revisits several of my childhood daydreams from a time when I never even imagined how terrifying adult life would be. I don't want to explain it away, just look at the painting. ;-)

My Etsy store can be seen here:

Also, my car is messed up. The rear suspension is broken. I should never have bought that thing.