Sunday, August 8, 2010


Size is 40" x 30" (101.6cm x76.2cm)
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This painting came from conversations between me and my Swedish friend about how the world is bound to become the Planet of the Apes. A couple years ago I watched this movie called IDIOCRACY by the great Mike Judge (OFFICE SPACE) and I was amazed at how perceptive his satire was. The dumbing down of the population of Earth is presented as a result of reckless breeding by the unintelligent while those who would be desirable in the gene pool simply wait for the right moment to have children. The right moment never comes and the stupid people just breed away. After 500 years the world is completely overrun by morons. A hilarious movie. But the thing is, that movie was absolutely right. The population of the Earth just increases without thought of consequence. Modern medicine keeps around genes that were never meant to make it this far. People are taught that every life is precious. I myself think every life is precious but the price for this mentality is that a better mankind is not achievable. It's just a fact. We are very loving of life, too fearful of our own mortality and we project our empathy towards random ideas of people and try to keep as many alive as possible. But life is not something we deserved to begin with, it just happened to us. Most of us are here because two people somewhere got horny. ;-) And it happens all the time. Right now as you read this there is someone somewhere getting pregnant with no means to raise the child.
This leads into the famous "Planet of the Apes" quote: "A planet where apes evolved from men?"
Of course. It's inevitable. There might be 24 billion people on Earth by the end of this century. 500 years from now, who knows? Star Trek is not going to happen. The world is being taught by the people in charge that globalisation is a good thing. It's a good thing for people in power because it centralises all the power in their hands. It's not really a good thing for the people. This is because it lowers the quality of life in the First World as we are forced to be more and more accepting of Third World mentality. The crap you buy that is made in China is made by slave labour. What will end up happening if you empower a totalitarian regime with inferiour production standards and no human rights? Sooner or later your standards of living go down to match theirs. It's just a matter of time, really. People could make a better world by making the right choices but they just never do. It's easier to go to Walmart buy cheap crap made in China than to choose save a little more and buy a product from a company that doesn't exploit slave labour from a smaller business that actually helps increase the quality of life.
This is why I don't believe in people who talk about "the environment" and "recycling" and go out and buy crap made in China. There is an island of plastic refuge the size of Texas in the ocean. Who do you think put that there?
Then there is corruption, which forces people to act like animals. Like the gorillas in Planet of the Apes. Corruption runs rampant in African countries and Latin American countries. It's actually cultural in some of them. By donating to causes in those countries you are actually supporting the tyrannical governments in them. Tinpot dictatorships is what they are called. We allow those places to exist. And we allow the places where we live to become like those places. Look at how the United States is becoming a police state. Check out if you dare.
I think the Earth defends itself from massive population growth with natural disasters. Earthquakes, volcanoes, etc....I live in Los Angeles. I could be swallowed up by an Earthquake at any moment. ;-) You never know.