Thursday, February 24, 2011

Legacy of the Daleks

Legacy of the Daleks
36x48 inches
February 2011

This is a painting inspired by the Tom Baker years of Doctor Who. Tom Baker was my favourite actor to play the Doctor and once he left I didn't really feel the desire to continue watching the show. He apparently had a conflict of vision with producer John-Nathan Turner, who didn't allow the writers to write to Baker's strengths. Baker had wonderful comic timing and his Doctor was likely the most successful of all.

Asides from the character of the Doctor I have always been fascinated by the Daleks and their creator Davros. Eddie Izzard used to make fun of their constant use of "Exterminate!", saying they should have used "Death or plumbing?" instead, due to the inoperative toilet plunger on their right arms.

The Fourth Doctor had a handful of companions but my favourites were Sarah Jane Smith (of the Andy Pandy overalls) and Leela, in that order. Never really thought Romana filled those shoes quite the same way.

This painting has been sold