Sunday, April 29, 2012


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I hate the new interface of Blogger so much that I might be switching to something else soon. This is one reason I haven't been updating this blog in a while. I don't know what they were thinking.

Oh well. I need to post this since I've sent 3 new paintings to the Blanchett gallery for selling through the eBay store.  So here is the first one.  The Quatermass Xperiment. The Quatermass serials were ground-breaking in their time and the Hammer films that they inspired made Nigel Kneale's Bernard Quatermass famous worldwide. While Andrew Keir was definitely my favourite actor to play the role (In Hammer's "Quatermass and  the Pit" and later on in "The Quatermass Memoirs" Radio Serials, making him, along with Brian Donlevy, one of the only two actors to ever portray Quatermass twice), I don't think any of the actors who ever played him were unsatisfactory (even though Kneale wasn't too fond of Donlevy's portrayal).  By 1979 when the final Quatermass serial was made, I'm guessing they felt John Mills, being better known, would be a better choice for Quatermass. I liked Mills in the role of an older Quatermass but I honestly feel Keir owns the role in my opinion. I think Kneale felt the same way since Keir was called back for the Quatermass Memoirs. Not long ago the BBC revived the original story with Jason Flemyng in the lead role. A much younger Quatermass. I like Jason Flemyng but he wasn't Quatermass. I don't know who would be my choice for the role nowadays..Charles Dance? ;-) But with both Andrew Keir and Quatermass creator Nigel Kneale gone, maybe the franchise should just rest in peace.If you're wondering why the discrepancy in the spelling, this is because when Hammer adapted "The Quatermass Experiment" for the big screen, they literally wanted to capitalise on the (then new) "X" certificate rating, so it became "The Quatermass Xperiment". Someone up there liked puns.

The painting is 24x30 inches and looks really great on the wall. I like the feel it evokes, the colours reminding me of the old four-colour posters of the 50s.

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Next up we have SOLARIS. This is a tough one for me. if I ever had trouble with knowing whether the universe was playing a big joke on me it would have to be upon rewatching Tarkovsky's 1972 film SOLARIS (Солярис) after many years.
When I watch SOLARIS I see a mirror (and yes I know the irony, Tarkovsky made a very personal movie named Mirror, which included autobiographical tidbits and plenty of his father's poetry). The relationship between Kelvin and Hari reflects my most intense romantic relationship. It never dawned upon me as a youth that any part of my life would eventually reflect this movie. I hadn't watched Solaris since I was a teenager. Revisiting it in my age, I feel like I'm watching myself and not a performance by Donatas Banioni as Kris Kelvin. Even his name is an ironic coincidence. What is reality? I could make many paintings on this subject.

24x30 inches.