Saturday, September 22, 2012

Part One: The Deros are coming

Note: I wrote this in High School. Interesting how this subject never left me.

The Deros are coming. They've always been here, thriving in the confines of the Hollow Earth. Fearful of the sun they burrow under our cities and use the ancient machines left behind by the Titans and Atlanteans to feed their schreck into die seelen der menschen. But now they're succeeding in their greatest goal. They're making us more like themselves. As long as we're human we can fight them off but once we are all sub-human they'll rise during the long night of Lemuria and carry us away into the underworld, where our psychic pain will be translated for them, by their ancient machines, into pleasure and nourishment. The pain will be eternal and it can't be stopped. Few will be saved from the wrath of Lemuria.

Tens of thousands of years ago the world thrived, technology developed, great structures were built and the continents of Atlantis and Mu flourished upon this Earth. Great minds created technology which overcame gravity. Flying saucers silently flew across the skies at near the speed of light. Great networks of tunnels shortened the distances across the globe and machines were created that did menial tasks. The key to all languages was Mantong. A code used to form words and pictographs. The giant libraries held all knowledge, carved by direct energy beams into stones. History was recorded in granite.

It was at this time that simple machines were no longer sufficient to serve the Titans. In their laboratories, they fused blood and bone into humanoid beings. These beings were degenerate, amoral and of lower intelligence. They were the Deros.

The Lords of Lemuria lost contact with one of their Solar bases. It disappeared into nothing without explanation. The Great council convened and invited scientists of Atlantis to work together on discovering the great mystery. Astronomical charts and computer models predicted the worst. The Sun was no longer inhabitable. In fact, it was growing in size.

The politicians of each continent blamed the other continent but the outcome couldn't be argued. If the Sun could not be tamed, the Earth itself would no longer sustain life. A plan was set in motion to create generation ships built at the Saturn shipyards. All would need to evacuate.

The Overlords ordered that more Deros should be hatched to aid in construction of the arks. Within one year to the day they lost contact with the surface of the Sun, the Atlanteans and Lemurians left our Solar system.

But not all of them. Many didn't wish to leave their beloved home planet and were willing to die on Earth if needed. They named themselves the Teros and attempted to re-organise their society for the little time they had left. Many scientists disagreed on the incoming end of the world. They preached that at the most a heavy bombardment of radiation would hit the surface but the Earth would recover. They gathered what they could and headed towards their entrance to the inside of the Earth, located in the jungles of the South Pole.

The Deros weren't welcome in the generation ships. Abandoned by their masters, they lived purely on base instincts. They hunted animals, which the Lemurians wouldn't do out of respect for life. If food was scarce, they turned on each other for meat and blood. As the hordes of Deros made their way into abandoned Lemuria, they ran into incredibly complex machines which had been made usable even by the feeblest of brains. At first the Deros destroyed anything that moved. complex circuitry was turned into ornaments and jewelry. But it only took one Dero to find out how something worked, then soon all Deros were using the machines. The first thing they used the machines for was destroying each other. This had the effect of reducing the Deros population. Entire cities were destroyed due to their ignorance.

The Atlantean and Lemurian politicians declared that the planet be bombed from space. They believed that if their predictions were incorrect, the other civilisation would have the upper hand upon returning home. A final transmission was relayed to the Teros: The Atomic Winter is coming.

The Earth was carpet bombed. Those Teros and Deros who had taken shelter in the Hollow Earth survived the atomic Winter.