Wednesday, December 19, 2012

R.I.P. Erika Kapneck 1967 - 2011

Just found out that one of my favourite people from college back in 1990 died last year. She was a beautiful person and I wish her acting career had taken off, she and I took acting classes together and she actively pursued it, which is what I wish I had done when I was young instead of being a doff. Anyway, rather than link to the obituary, I think this link tells more about who she was.
I'll admit I lost touch with her sometime in the early 90s but I never forgot her and our always having pizza together in that horrible cafeteria. One of our teachers, Mr. Will Bellais, is still acting from what I saw on the IMDB.  
The reporter reports her as a brunette but I just remember her as a blonde. And I guess I'll always remember her in her early twenties with her life ahead of her. She's still beautiful on this photo.
The passage of time sucks, getting old sucks and dying sucks. But losing those we love is the worst. And those who make us wonder what could have been...well, that's what alternate universes are for. If there's an universe where she can be taken away so young, I'm sure that in another one somewhere she's receiving her Oscar. R.I.P. beautiful actress.