Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Three NEW paintings for sale

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Thursday, May 1, 2014


The Thule Society sought to find a source of the energy known as Vril. Vril is abundant in the caverns of the Hollow Earth and used by the Vril-ya, enemies of the Deros and Teros.This NEW 2014 painting is now for auction at

Sunday, April 27, 2014


EXD powers the subterranean world of the Deros and Teros. Vril is abundant in the caverns of the Hollow Earth. In some ways it's not unlike Prana or the Chi, but it can be mined and harnessed from other sources. It is the source of power of the Vril-ya, Hollow Earth inhabitants who descend from the ancients. This painting now on eBay at

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Flash Mob, Bavarian Style!

Just sharing some awesomeness!
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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Rymdraket comes from the Norwegian word Romrakett which in Swedish means Rymdraket.
Now on sale by the Blanchett gallery.

Monday, March 10, 2014

MIDGARD Painting auction

So they're finally auctioning "Midgard" starting today. The issue was that I didn't want to change the description into something more "universal". ;-) This is about my realm.

I know it's 2014 but I still think the best MMORPG ever made was created at the turn of the century. DARK AGE OF CAMELOT. There. I said it. In spite of all  the marketing hype revolving around World of Warcraft, DAoC is the clear winner due to its unique and still unbeatable PVP system. It's interesting that the game lost so many subs to WOW, something which the fanbase tends to blame developer Mark Jacobs for. Truth be told, Jacobs grossly mismanaged DAoC into the ground by moving crucial personnel from the game into the "Romans in Space" game he was trying to make, and then putting those people on the recently deceased WARHAMMER.

A new studio, Broadsword, is working on DAoC now and a new "New Frontiers" has already been announced. I sure hope DAoC never goes away. You can find the painting here, and you can find me in Midgard!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Richard Toronto's latest treat "Shavertron: The Lettershop Years (Volume 2)" has JUST come out. I might just have been the first one to purchase it from, as I had been keeping an eye out for its release, and ordered it mere minutes after Mr. Toronto posted about its release on the secret mailing list I participate in.

Volume 2 of SHAVERTRON is highly readable! "The Lettershop Years" contains several 1980's issues of Richard Toronto's Shaver Mystery cult zine. I was worried on how readable the pages would be, and was pleased to discover that the transition was flawless! The print quality was very professional, with an excellent binding job and glossy covers. I only spend time talking about this because there are some books out there published under similar circumstances that are absolutely unreadable, not due to content but due to presentation. I recently obtained a January 2014 reprint Timothy Green Beckley's "Subterranean Worlds Inside Earth" from Amazon and it was unreadable. The pages were poorly scanned and it looked like a collection of poor xeroxed copies.

No such problems plague SHAVERTRON Vol. 2, which means the content can be enjoyed without pain. The deros! The teros! Wacky cartoons by Max Fyfield! All is in there, including the mysterious "George D. Wight Manuscript" as contributed by the late Charles A. Marcoux! Marcoux was a firm believer who died under mysterious circumstances while seeking the entrance to the underworld. Maybe not so mysterious to Shaver Mystery fans who understand the lengths that the deros go through to KEEP THE CAVERNS A SECRET!

Relive the excitement of the Shaver Mystery, you'll find yourself back in 1982, when life felt so much more real!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My view on Reptilian Conspiracies

The problem with the reptilian theories is this: in all my early life astral projections into the Hollow Earth, I've only ever witnessed the presence of the Deros, the Teros, and on one occasion, a Tall White. However, I can't ignore the possibility, because if those other groups are possible, then so are the reptilians. I just have no history with them, THAT I KNOW OF.

In my conversations with others who have been to the caves, physically or otherwise, I did hear the occasional mention of reptilians, but not as shapeshifters as you often hear. The gist of what I understood was that they inhabited a different dimension. 

And this complicates matters for me. Because although I have been to the caves, I was never there physically. Margaret Rogers was there physically and was treated by the Teros and the Tall Whites. Allegedly, George Wight and others were in the caves through the entrance in Cushman, Arkansas, which, according to David Lopez, was later sealed by the Tall Whites. But a number of us Underworlders have only been there in ethereal passing. And in spite of our only visiting these places in self-contained projected astral awareness, the Deros were always quick to send us back. Those stupidotic mutants, as primitive as they were, were still capable of seeing that which human eyes cannot perceive.

But why?

And here is the great mystery. For them to see me in my astral body, the Deros would need to be either be spiritually enlightened (which they are not, for they are less than human), or living in a dimension where the astral body is visible as a physical object!

If the Deros live in another dimension, then no amount of digging on this Earth would be able to unearth their maleficent dwellings. Yet there are those who have indeed been to the caverns physically.


If so, then the Teros and Deros can use their ancient supertech to look into our dimension. And therefore, so can reptilians.

I have mentioned before the method which I use to create my paintings. To recap, I start by using a hacksaw to cut open stones I brought over from Mount Shasta. After photographing them, I choose which slate to use by viewing the thumbnails in Photoshop and then use a digital projector to project the rock slice onto the canvas. From then I outline the shapes I see in the rocks. These shapes were left on those rocks by the Lemurians and Atlanteans as a form of geological record of their own history, much like we use lasers to store data onto crystals in present times. However, I can only guess as to what the images are really trying to say. They are not accidental, they are set in stone. In some of my paintings, you can see several rows of teeth, or more than one pair of arms on a figure. This is not necessarily a sign that the pre-diluvians in my paintings had more than two arms or two rows of teeth, although I'm certain that some did. In most cases, I believe this is to represent instances where two frames of a motion picture were fused together by the sawing process!

When you watch a movie in progress, you are seeing an image sequence, where each image is a "frame", that appears to the eye as animated or alive. I'm convinced that the data stored in the stones are 3D motion pictures that record the daily life of the Lemurian/Atlantean civilisation and that my crude methods of extraction cannot provide a full account of the action. We are thus limited to seeing but one frame in each of my paintings.

And although I've often encountered reptile-like figures in those rokfogo (rock books, as they are called), I've never seen full reptiles. That is not to say they don't exist.

I just never ran into them, and that's probably a good thing.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Much art. Very painting. Wow. So doge. #ToTheMoon.

The nice people of the Blanchett Gallery will be auctioning this one off later today, I'm told. I really want them to start accepting Dogecoins. I asked the owner to do so for this painting. The look on her face was a work of art in itself. ;-)

How currency. Wow!

Here's the link to the auction:

Starts 7PM PST!

Monday, January 20, 2014

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