Thursday, February 13, 2014


Richard Toronto's latest treat "Shavertron: The Lettershop Years (Volume 2)" has JUST come out. I might just have been the first one to purchase it from, as I had been keeping an eye out for its release, and ordered it mere minutes after Mr. Toronto posted about its release on the secret mailing list I participate in.

Volume 2 of SHAVERTRON is highly readable! "The Lettershop Years" contains several 1980's issues of Richard Toronto's Shaver Mystery cult zine. I was worried on how readable the pages would be, and was pleased to discover that the transition was flawless! The print quality was very professional, with an excellent binding job and glossy covers. I only spend time talking about this because there are some books out there published under similar circumstances that are absolutely unreadable, not due to content but due to presentation. I recently obtained a January 2014 reprint Timothy Green Beckley's "Subterranean Worlds Inside Earth" from Amazon and it was unreadable. The pages were poorly scanned and it looked like a collection of poor xeroxed copies.

No such problems plague SHAVERTRON Vol. 2, which means the content can be enjoyed without pain. The deros! The teros! Wacky cartoons by Max Fyfield! All is in there, including the mysterious "George D. Wight Manuscript" as contributed by the late Charles A. Marcoux! Marcoux was a firm believer who died under mysterious circumstances while seeking the entrance to the underworld. Maybe not so mysterious to Shaver Mystery fans who understand the lengths that the deros go through to KEEP THE CAVERNS A SECRET!

Relive the excitement of the Shaver Mystery, you'll find yourself back in 1982, when life felt so much more real!