Thursday, March 20, 2014


Rymdraket comes from the Norwegian word Romrakett which in Swedish means Rymdraket.
Now on sale by the Blanchett gallery.

Monday, March 10, 2014

MIDGARD Painting auction

So they're finally auctioning "Midgard" starting today. The issue was that I didn't want to change the description into something more "universal". ;-) This is about my realm.

I know it's 2014 but I still think the best MMORPG ever made was created at the turn of the century. DARK AGE OF CAMELOT. There. I said it. In spite of all  the marketing hype revolving around World of Warcraft, DAoC is the clear winner due to its unique and still unbeatable PVP system. It's interesting that the game lost so many subs to WOW, something which the fanbase tends to blame developer Mark Jacobs for. Truth be told, Jacobs grossly mismanaged DAoC into the ground by moving crucial personnel from the game into the "Romans in Space" game he was trying to make, and then putting those people on the recently deceased WARHAMMER.

A new studio, Broadsword, is working on DAoC now and a new "New Frontiers" has already been announced. I sure hope DAoC never goes away. You can find the painting here, and you can find me in Midgard!