Tuesday, December 15, 2015


KaotiKa/RobotiKa. Two 30x30 paintings made on commission. SOLD

Sunday, June 28, 2015




A new, 2015 rokfogo painting. Now for sale on eBay through the Blanchett Gallery.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tall Whites

New painting up for sale on eBay.


"Tall Whites" are nordic looking alien beings. Some of them come from the Pleiades and have been photographed by Billy Meier, while others have been written about by former airman Charles Hall (no relation to actor from Laurel & Hardy). Click on the picture to see the auction.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

We can now be watched electronically 24 hours a day.

However, let's just forget about all that—the only reaction will be to point out that we have a "persecution complex" and in our paranoia see "men in black" plotters lurking behind every telephone pole and every dark corner. What we want to do now is tell you something we've only hinted at for years. It has to do with our "fact" that has been challenged so many times. Many of you have said "put up or shut up". First, let's say that there is an organization (let's call it that—The Organization—because this is the sort of group you don't name; not unless you want to wind up under the wheels of a truck or with a bullet in the back of your head).

The Organization is the real power behind the governments of the world. It is the same group we've many times called the Hidden or Secret Government. Most people can't swallow that, because they insist on looking all around the world for the people who constitute that government. The trouble is, one of them might be your neighbor, but oddly enough, your neighbor would not know he was a member of The Organization! But you might be able to identify him by his philosophy of life. He would fit neatly into the PLAN! That's really my "fact"—I long ago discovered the Plan. Once you know what the plan is, you can determine the truth or untruth of what anyone says to you—in the sense that you know if he is a prankster, a liar, or really telling the truth. The plan is so fantastic that no prankster or liar, no matter how imaginative, can tell you something that fits the plan. So, if it doesn't fit, you can disregard it. Simple enough, isn't it?

Now that the Russians have let the cat out of the bag, there's no secret any more. But it IS a fact that what I've been saying for many years, that we don't know very much about the true nature and dimensions of this planet Earth, is true. We don't know that there are other civilizations inhabiting what we choose to call "the atmosphere", but ordinarily invisible to us by the usual senses. Also, there is a "barrier" to communication and contact between those civilizations and ours. It has been, for thousands of years, as impossible to bridge for them as it is for us—except that they knew about us, while we were totally unaware of them. That is, we were unaware of them until June 24, 1947. On that day the "flying saucers" were born. Not that Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting was our first awareness of an unknown something, because UFO phenomena have been with us as far back as mankind remembers, but in 1947 it became a matter of world consciousness, and wouldn't go away. Coincident with the UFO phenomenon, the use of radar became world-wide. And almost immediately the "blips" began to appear, mystifying scientists and radar technicians and electronics experts. The really startling stunner came when Grote Reber began recording intelligent Morse-type signals from "a star".

Only it wasn't a star, it was a fixed location in our atmosphere. We proved to our own satisfaction that it couldn't be "signals" from outer space, but had to be in the range of 100 miles to perhaps as much as 10,000 miles from the surface of Earth. How important the matter was became evident when Grote Reber was given a $10,000,000 "receiver" in Hawaii to "listen in". It was once more camouflaged from the public by calling it a listening post for "hissing noises from distant stars or galaxies". This was reasonable,  because some distant t galaxies DO hiss. But how can you tell the public that you are getting intelligent signals from 100 miles up? It just can't be so! A race of civilized people like us, living on some "continent in the sky" and as transparent as air! And what about the proof that there isn't actually anything there, at the location of those radar reflections? Those seen on airport radar, checked out by flying a real plane through the very spot the "blip" occupies, reveals that while it takes a solid object to reflect a radar beam, there was no resulting crash in midair, and nothing visible to the pilot of the plane. "Nothing here," he reports.

Then, when our astronauts passed through all of the atmosphere and space between us and the moon, once more the report is: "Nothing here, either." Except some weird things like UFOs even out there, mysterious things like "fireflies" (easily explained as droplets of water or paint flakes from the spacecraft) and the sound of fire engines clanging and sirening their way to a fire! But now the Russians have said it: "hitherto UNHEARD-OF signals from the UPPER ATMOSPHERE." Think of it a moment; the use of the words "unheard-of" and "upper atmosphere". You can bet your tintype it's "unheard-of"! Positively incredible and unbelievable—BUT TRUE.

Then the Russians go on to say they have RULED OUT that the signals can possibly be from satellites, either theirs or ours. And finally, they state that it is impossible to "preclude that the signals may be sent by a technically developed extraterrestrial civilization." By "technically developed" they mean "highly developed, technically, far beyond anything WE can do on good old Terra". And when they say "extra" terrestrial, they DON'T mean far away in deep space, but just not on the surface of this planet. Extra-surface! Super-technical civilizations in our upper atmosphere, sending intelligent signals—and a sudden flurry of these signals is accompanied by a tremendous UFO flap which finally cannot be explained away!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What do the Dero do?

"What do the Dero do?"

What would YOU do? if you were incredibly stupid, with your mind deranged by powerful augmented radioactive rays constantly beamed upon you by ray projectors originally intended to beam beneficial rays, but now perverted in their activity by being sunpolared - the rays they manufacture are detrimentally radioactive- infected, and the rays they conduct from the surface, are multiplied in their poisons by the machines so that they are far more damaging than they are to us surface people.

You would find yourself in possession of many marvelous machines left by the Elder races, and you would use them in idle, childish play. You would use the telaug and vision rays to spy upon surface people, and you would use the projection rays to fool them with fantastic images, you would use the tractor rays to open railroad switches before speeding trains, you would even be so childish to trip people going down stairs, open manhole covers before them, and so on. You would use the marvelous surgical rays for the diabolical slicing of delicate nerves in the brain, or other parts of the body, to create mental and physical cripples. You would burst their hearts so that a "heart attack" would eliminate some important person and cause chaos in surface governments. You would do an almost fantastic number of things that could add up to the veritable "works of the devil"!

Except for one thing: you would risk retaliation from tero at equally powerful ray mechanisms.. . But occasionally, as some guard suffers a momentary lapse of vigilance, or has his attention diverted, you will be able to get in some quick deviltry, and you will howl with sadistic mirth at the result.
For you are mad! Madness in the caves is an almost universal condition. It cannot be otherwise, for more than one reason. First is the reason that you are exposed to ray damage much more extensive than is caused normally by the sun (and the moon - you've heard of the madness caused by Luna's rays, not a myth, and a superstition, but based on fact, for Luna's rays are only sun rays, polarized by reflection, and thus dangerous to a small extent). Moonlight and sunlight, conducted upon the dero cavern dweller by his augmenting apparatus, subject him to much more detrimental effect than on the surface.

The second reason is that the human mind (and the dero are as human as you and I) cannot stand too much torture without cracking; and torture is a part of the daily life of a dero. Few indeed have not at one time or another fallen into the power of a mad local despot and been subjected to unimaginable tortures besides which the Inquisition' s devices are child's play.

A third reason, perhaps more effective, though more insidious, is the extensive and perverted use of the machine called "stim." The ancient purpose of this machine was to accentuate the pleasure derived from sex, largely by beneficial rays which restored energy as fast as it was dispensed; and also was a health machine, dispensing various nutrients and vitamins and minerals directly through the skin and into the body. The dero spend days at a time in these machines, indulging in an orgy of sex that, rather than being stimulating, is exhausting and detrimental because the stim machines are contaminated by radioactives and their good effects nullified and turned instead to bad effects. Because of them, recessive elements of heredity are accentuated, and a continual downward genetic scale is the result.

Yet, in madness there is craft! Incredible craft, and it is coupled with great secrecy. These degenerates aren't going to risk the pleasures that are theirs, by letting any surface people take them from them by force. Interloper are slain (after torture), and secrecy is maintained at all costs. because of the aid their machines give their mental processes, this craftiness is vastly multiplied, and it would take a clever surface man indeed to out-think them in the direction of subterfuge, etc. A vast curtain of error is continually hung before the eyes of surface man to conceal the truth of their existence. And it is an incredibly effective curtain. It is the most insidious propaganda imaginable, and involves hypnotic effects hard to believe. WAS that thought you just thought, your own! You would be absolutely certain it was yours, if you were certain there was no way for anyone else to think it for you. And it takes a great deal of experience to be able to see a thought for an alien thought, when it occurs in your mind. But it can be done. Question your thoughts with reason sometime, and see if many of them are not thoughts that would not have occurred to you in the natural reasonable course of thinking. Question your dreams, sometime. The effects of haphazard stringing together by your subconscious of your own personal, and sometimes long-forgotten memories? Ever have an incident in a dream come from something beyond your memory - honestly? Something you KNOW isn't anything you remember, because never before experienced?

Subtlety is here. And if entirely unsuspected, totally effective.
But to admit such things to a psychiatrist is to admit to mental derangement. To admit them is to risk admission to an insane asylum.

So, here on the surface, the secrecy pattern is maintained, even by surface people. You yourself, if you hear a voice, can be and usually are, your own worst enemy!

How did I learn about caves? I've said it before. At first by an inadvertent contact, because I seemed to be "in the know." Then by contact with friendly tero, who, because I had accidentally gotten in on the secret , and seemed friendly, and harmless, and did maintain the secrecy, was allowed snatches of information and contacts that led to more contacts. Then some real tero friends who began to pass on to me knowledge that might make man a better man, and happier, just as they have for countless ages, sneaking bits of knowledge to men whom we revere today as the "discoverers" of great scientific principles. Nikola Tesla was such a man. Edison was such a man.

Investigate for yourself the "mystic" overtones of each man's life!

Read Edison's diary, and see how close he was to the borderline of admitting he heard voices, and that there were strange "psychic" sources for much of his knowledge. Read how Tesla invented things by simply "copying them" from actual visible and functioning projections hanging in the air before him! So it was with me, and they showed me much.
But then I broke the secrecy rule, and thereafter fled across the world, pursued by vengeful dero, sometimes protected, and sometimes not - and the "sometimes nots" have mostly destroyed any chance I've had to accomplish what I intended. Even my story was perverted into fiction, until it was a subject to ridicule.

Proof? You want proof? Having read this far, is it reasonable for you to DEMAND proof? Not very. Yet, there is proof. Everywhere you look! And I'll try to point those proofs out to you. Let me just speak my mind, with no regard to coherence or continuity, so that somewhere in the hodgepodge, you may seize upon some ammunition for thought, so that you may start thinking for yourself - the proof will appear, as effective proof as is possible to give.
You will see that I CAN "hand you" a machine! Machines you use every day. But you will ask that I hand you a "new" machine. Perhaps I CAN. Perhaps I shall! It has been said: "ask and ye shall receive." Exactly that has been known to occur before! Remember you any of these incidents? RECOGNIZE you any! Or was it God who answered your prayer! Or somebody else's prayer? But you HAVE observed it! Do you REMEMBER it!
Letters in large numbers have accused me of implying this and meaning that - which I didn't. The confusion arises of course from the fictional treatment my message has had to be given.
Some readers have drawn quite a variety of erroneous ideas. Some of them are right. The truth is wild enough to suit anybody. But I wish to get the picture clearer for them.

One of the commonest errors is in the use the word "dero" has been receiving. Readers infer in their letters that all cavern people are "deros," that "dero" and "cavern dwellers" are synonymous. That is wrong! We wouldn't be alive if a large part of the people down there weren't fighting like hell for us and for themselves against the true "dero."

A dero is a cavern wight whose ancestors had the habit of bringing in the sunlight over the penetrays. Their evil nature is due to a constant "hearing" (telepathic) of sun vibrants because those same penetrays they use to bring in the sunlight and warmth were designed to handle thought-waves, to detect and augment waves of those frequencies heard by the brain. Their brains got dis (infections) on the lipoid films of the brain cells, where thought is generated. This went on for centuries, for an age, and the hereditary result was a dero, the ancient "Devil" of mythology, and his people - humans whose minds handle only disintegrant pattern thought. ALL CAVERN PEOPLE ARE NOT DEROS, thank God.
The good ones do a lot of work for use, in subtle unseen ways, avoid tamper accidents by helping out a driver, get some doctor info on how to stop a plague, and are the source of some of our modern inventions by handing over suggestions to an inventor, unbeknownst, because they saw a similar device in the wreckage of the caves.
Even all the bad ones are not deros. A dero is an automaton of evil, and not an ordinary crook. He isn't that smart.
I am trying to say that our civilization is a sham! That our education is a very shoddy substitute for what it could be if the truth of our past were known.
I am trying to say that if we knew who and what some of our present-day bosses really were, we would be vastly worried at their apparent careless and oppressive attitude toward ourselves, the people - which attitude is shown in their deliberate deprivation of all science of the advantages that would arise from a general knowledge of and study of the rays and mech with which their rule is enforced.
They hold that they won't turn over the info, that it is like an atom bomb in importance, and they are keeping it in their own hands.

I reply that I wish they would because so many deros use it, too - and that they don't need to keep the WHOLE of that science a secret.

So much of it is purely benevolent and medicinal. Truth is they are not educated, do not realize what they are doing in keeping the whole a secret still today.

I am saying there are millions of people besides Shaver who know there are vast caverns under earth, full of strange, miraculously potent machinery - and that they do not speak because it is so obvious that they would be misunderstood to the point of persecution.

There are many things I have heard that I do not know are facts.To mention these along with the things I know ARE facts causes an almost unavoidable confusion.

I have heard that surface light and power and coal are possessions of the ray-people. I don't KNOW it, I HEARD it. I have HEARD that some of them have harems of thousands of young women. I don't KNOW it. I DO KNOW they have harems, and an oriental contempt for all western morality - but because of the nature of social life developed around the sue of stim-rays, I can understand this different morality.

I KNOW many terrible things that I cannot find a way to tell except as fiction. These are things so lurid and impossible they are hard to make credible even in a lurid sci-fi tale. They could not be considered as facts by and ordinary man, because he has not seen and could not accept. These are looked for by those who know something of the great secret, and look for recognizable information in the "forbidden" field.

I KNOW they have weapon rays that kill at fifty miles and more. That they HIT what they shoot at with these. A man cannot even think of such weapons without fear; still we must - and THEY HAVE BEEN WITH US right along.

I KNOW they have telaug beams that hear thought from a man's mind up to fifty miles and more. That is an extremely sensitive receiver, for the sending of one brain is not exactly powerful in voltage.

I KNOW they visit space, and receive visiting ships from space, some of which do not get away again. I don't know WHY they return to earth, for NO ONE HERE is getting a square deal.! The ships that return must belong to those who THINK they benefit from the repressive, throttling monopoly of all the good things of earth.

I am saying that earth's peoples are supporting a destructive, extravagantly luxurious and decadent "secret class" who rob us of our birth right - the science that could be learned from the mechanisms of the Elder race; which same mechanisms are the instruments that have held this class in power for many, many centuries.

I am saying that, due to many conditions which we cannot understand over a long period of time, many of these people are idiotic, and unfit to be allowed to continue as out "secret" overlords.

I say that if people generally knew this condition, they would lose the awe and fear that keeps from the race of man many great secrets which would prove a new and greater path of life for all of us.

I am saying to these men who cry "we want an artifact, and inscription, an ancient manuscript, we want proof!" - you HAVE proof all about you! But your minds are so slanted by wrong teachings that you misinterpret these artifacts and remnants on the surface which tell the truth about the God cavern's existence."