Thursday, February 19, 2015

We can now be watched electronically 24 hours a day.

However, let's just forget about all that—the only reaction will be to point out that we have a "persecution complex" and in our paranoia see "men in black" plotters lurking behind every telephone pole and every dark corner. What we want to do now is tell you something we've only hinted at for years. It has to do with our "fact" that has been challenged so many times. Many of you have said "put up or shut up". First, let's say that there is an organization (let's call it that—The Organization—because this is the sort of group you don't name; not unless you want to wind up under the wheels of a truck or with a bullet in the back of your head).

The Organization is the real power behind the governments of the world. It is the same group we've many times called the Hidden or Secret Government. Most people can't swallow that, because they insist on looking all around the world for the people who constitute that government. The trouble is, one of them might be your neighbor, but oddly enough, your neighbor would not know he was a member of The Organization! But you might be able to identify him by his philosophy of life. He would fit neatly into the PLAN! That's really my "fact"—I long ago discovered the Plan. Once you know what the plan is, you can determine the truth or untruth of what anyone says to you—in the sense that you know if he is a prankster, a liar, or really telling the truth. The plan is so fantastic that no prankster or liar, no matter how imaginative, can tell you something that fits the plan. So, if it doesn't fit, you can disregard it. Simple enough, isn't it?

Now that the Russians have let the cat out of the bag, there's no secret any more. But it IS a fact that what I've been saying for many years, that we don't know very much about the true nature and dimensions of this planet Earth, is true. We don't know that there are other civilizations inhabiting what we choose to call "the atmosphere", but ordinarily invisible to us by the usual senses. Also, there is a "barrier" to communication and contact between those civilizations and ours. It has been, for thousands of years, as impossible to bridge for them as it is for us—except that they knew about us, while we were totally unaware of them. That is, we were unaware of them until June 24, 1947. On that day the "flying saucers" were born. Not that Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting was our first awareness of an unknown something, because UFO phenomena have been with us as far back as mankind remembers, but in 1947 it became a matter of world consciousness, and wouldn't go away. Coincident with the UFO phenomenon, the use of radar became world-wide. And almost immediately the "blips" began to appear, mystifying scientists and radar technicians and electronics experts. The really startling stunner came when Grote Reber began recording intelligent Morse-type signals from "a star".

Only it wasn't a star, it was a fixed location in our atmosphere. We proved to our own satisfaction that it couldn't be "signals" from outer space, but had to be in the range of 100 miles to perhaps as much as 10,000 miles from the surface of Earth. How important the matter was became evident when Grote Reber was given a $10,000,000 "receiver" in Hawaii to "listen in". It was once more camouflaged from the public by calling it a listening post for "hissing noises from distant stars or galaxies". This was reasonable,  because some distant t galaxies DO hiss. But how can you tell the public that you are getting intelligent signals from 100 miles up? It just can't be so! A race of civilized people like us, living on some "continent in the sky" and as transparent as air! And what about the proof that there isn't actually anything there, at the location of those radar reflections? Those seen on airport radar, checked out by flying a real plane through the very spot the "blip" occupies, reveals that while it takes a solid object to reflect a radar beam, there was no resulting crash in midair, and nothing visible to the pilot of the plane. "Nothing here," he reports.

Then, when our astronauts passed through all of the atmosphere and space between us and the moon, once more the report is: "Nothing here, either." Except some weird things like UFOs even out there, mysterious things like "fireflies" (easily explained as droplets of water or paint flakes from the spacecraft) and the sound of fire engines clanging and sirening their way to a fire! But now the Russians have said it: "hitherto UNHEARD-OF signals from the UPPER ATMOSPHERE." Think of it a moment; the use of the words "unheard-of" and "upper atmosphere". You can bet your tintype it's "unheard-of"! Positively incredible and unbelievable—BUT TRUE.

Then the Russians go on to say they have RULED OUT that the signals can possibly be from satellites, either theirs or ours. And finally, they state that it is impossible to "preclude that the signals may be sent by a technically developed extraterrestrial civilization." By "technically developed" they mean "highly developed, technically, far beyond anything WE can do on good old Terra". And when they say "extra" terrestrial, they DON'T mean far away in deep space, but just not on the surface of this planet. Extra-surface! Super-technical civilizations in our upper atmosphere, sending intelligent signals—and a sudden flurry of these signals is accompanied by a tremendous UFO flap which finally cannot be explained away!