Friday, June 17, 2016

Torment from the Caves!

Article by Ray Palmer (RAP)

There is a horror like hell out in space where the UFO come from and to which they go. There is the same horror in our underworld caverns. There was the same horror under the Aztec pyramids, where they are the dead.

You really want to know why the UFO come here, don't you? I will put it simple. One: They come to eat you. Two: They come to beat you. Three: They come to Earth to enslave. They come to EAT you, secretly so you won't make a fuss about being eaten. They come to BEAT you if you in any way refuse the process of being made into a race of mindless robots.

To understand the Dero is to understand murder, the drinking of blood, cannibalism, witchcraft and the like.

Ray people: This is taken to mean all of the modern underground race, both the Dero bad guys and the Tero good guys. They are called Ray people because they use telaug rays to spy upon surface people and to talk to them, and to perform the many weird things their machines are capable of doing.

It is by rays that they operate. For instance, have you ever had a fearful nightmare in which you have been faced by horribly realistic monstrosities such as your waking mind has never conceived, to your utter terror? This dream might have been produced in your mind by tele-projection from the dero creatures of the caves who delight in causing surface people horror and terror.

There is another and more significant reason behind this practice, and that is to build up superstition and fear in surface people that has been proved their greatest protection against discovery by upper surface worlders. They fear discovery because it would mean their extermination by a vindictive human race, seeking to revenge itself upon the age-old torturers. According to Shaver, "Deros are a degraded, destructive, evil form of life, small monsters who seem like men but are not."

They may be descendants of extraterrestrials from the past who were abandoned in underground caves to become demented in the worst way. They join into gangs and kill people who wander into their caves or near surface openings to their tunnels, not for sport, but because to them there is no other thing to do. They thrive on torturing surface people to death, then reviving them to do it again.

It is no time to rejoice. The visitations from flying saucers are proof that the cave people have made contact with beings from outer space. If any saucer contains benevolent beings, it is destroyed.

The saucers that are allowed into our atmosphere are the ancient enemies of mankind. You have to believe that the world beneath our feet is horrible, a world ruled by madmen!

You think you know about UFOs. You don't. They are not marvelous people from marvelous planets come to help us in our need. They are evil, furtive, hiding; enslaving the mind from a safe distance with their telaug devices which they never invented, never manufactured, but found on abandoned worlds.

These plagues of space aliens are most dangerous when they look like human beings, and when they use their inherited appearance to delude victims into their reach. This pretense of humanity is the vermin's most effective weapon as it disarms the intended victim and lowers his guard until it is too late.

One could do a long book, just by collecting quotes and incidents from ancient writings and myths that show how the Invisible Empire has slaughtered and tormented man, just as they tormented Prometheus for his crime of helping man.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

What makes the dero so dangerous?

When the Atlans and Titans flew to another planet, they left their marvellous machines. The dero are the heirs to some of the most advanced technology in the universe. This equipment was created by people who were virtually immortal; therefore, their machines were built to last for thousands of years. The deros use these machines and technical systems to attack surface homo sapiens and the

What types of machines have been taken over by the dero?
Some of the most advanced equipment known to humanity. A partial list includes:
Flying machines: Several years before the first modern flying saucer was sighted by Kenneth Arnold
on the west coast, Shaver described these vehicles as being abandoned by the elder race that migrated to the stars.

Ray machines: Telaug and vision ray machines can penetrate cavern walls and bring in views of the
surface world. These vision units allow the devilish deros to see what people are doing at any time, at any place, in the surface world.

Projection Ray machines: These machines project weird, fantastic images and thoughts into the
minds of innocent victims, victims often selected at random by the demented dero.

Tractor Ray Beams: A train is speeding across the surface of the world. In the dark recesses of his
cavern, a dero focuses a tractor beam on a railroad switch. The track is opened; the train is derailed. The dero can instantly change highway traffic signals, sabotage industrial machinery, and ruin complex devices. Have you ever had a machine or object that refused to work, then performed marvellously when the repairman arrived? A dero may have been amusing himself. Tractor Ray machines are used to throw open manhole covers, loosen a single step on a stairway, or sabotage a vital part on a speeding automobile.

Surgical Ray cannons: The dero enjoys projects of the most terrible nature. These devices were originally created to perform delicate surgical operations. Today, the dero focuses these instruments on a person to slice a delicate, essential nerve. Surgical rays are beamed on a single individual's head until the juices of his brain bubble and boil furiously.

Mental machines: These horrible devices create realistic illusions, nightmares, strange dreams, and
compulsive behaviour in a victim. Many murderers have informed the police that I just got a sudden urge to kill.' Were they actually the target of a vicious dero mental machine? Richard Shaver stated that the cavern people have been bequeathed death rays, gigantic machines for excavating caves, powerful weapons, and fleets of vehicles for driving through the caverns. He also said that some deros enjoy driving modern automobiles from the surface world. Is it possible that stolen cars are driven down into the tunnels? Fortunately, not all of the people in the caverns are dedicated to evil purposes.

What is a stim machine?
Shaver wrote of a pleasure stimulation machine which was used to revitalize sexual nature. Shaver claimed to have had a stim machine played on him during his visits to the caverns. '... a powerful augmentation of woman-life; to a hundred powers of natural love,' he wrote. There are no words to describe what this apparatus did for life'
Unfortunately, many of these stim machines have been captured by roving bands of deros. These complex mechanisms are used to create varied degrees of sexual intensity. The deros, who are totally degenerate, may spend their entire lives in a stim ray sex orgy. This debauchery can be heightened to such a degree, and prolonged for so many years, that the dero is deformed. They are transformed into
even more frightening, more monstrous creatures. Perhaps a stim machine is addictive.